The first Step

        Hello everyone, my name is Bryan Orellana Madrid. I am 19 years old and I want to start a new adventure in my life, a journey to salvation. I was born and raise in a Catholic family, my parents would always try to guide me in the direction of God, advise me on what is good and what is bad in life according to both: the moral and religious compass. As I grew older I started to fall deeper into the sins of this world. I would watch pornography, I swore a lot, I stopped praying and paying attention during church. Humanly I felt normal, all the kids did what I did, if not worse, but whenever I went to church, or my parents talked to me about what is good and what is bad, I felt guilty within me. I  tried to quit my porn addiction for them, but I would only last a week or so before falling into temptation once again. I felt so pathetic and shallow. I was positive that I had no way to be liberated by the shackles or sin, forever to be a pathetic slave of the devil. Then on a Friday afternoon I attended a youth group for my local church, I was greeted with open arms and we praised and loved God together. For once in my teenage life I actually felt emotionally full and satisfied. I continued to go to the youth groups and I did my absolute best to stay involved in the group. Due to this change in my life I managed to spend 5 weeks without an urge to look at pornography. Sometime in those 5 weeks I also came with the idea for this blog, I don’t want to just be a follower of Christ, my job is to bring others in as well. I need to be a pastor of sheep for God. Unfortunately I fell into temptation on my 5 weeks and 2 days mark. It hurt a lot to have fallen after being so strong. I crashed hard and kept on failing after that. You can think of it as falling on ice, You try to get up but you keep fumbling down, again and again. I felt myself drifting away into the same dark place I was in before. I want to join God and take part of this journey to salvation in this world full of sin, but I constantly make excuses and pushing back the first step of our salvation. I am positive that if I feel this way then someone else out there must be in the same predicament. So here I am ripping the bandage and taking the first step on the daunting journey that awaits us. Expect highs and lows in this journey. There will be time when all you would want to do is just give up and go back to the easy life of not caring at all, but we must remember that ahead awaits us eternal happiness, ahead we will be rewarded with a happiness that no amount of porn, or drug, or any other false pleasure this world has to offer could compare to. Follow me as I report about my highs and lows, as I talk about my concerns and teach you what others teach me. I don’t want this to be my journey to salvation, use me as a guide and inspiration for you to take the steps you need to achieve this journey. Let this journey be known as Our Journey to Salvation.


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